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Pipeline Talent Solutions Partners with HCM Strategies, Offering an Individualized, Supported Data Analytics Solution
Pipeline Talent Solutions Partners with HCM Strategies, Offering an Individualized, Supported Data Analytics Solution
Apr 24, 2019

KNOXVILLE, TN, April 24, 2019 – Pipeline Talent Solutions, the non-employee labor industry’s first strategic workforce advisory company, has teamed with HCM Strategies, creating a data analytics solution that provides opportunities for their clients to increase revenue and create greater efficiencies.

For Pipeline, HCM was the perfect choice.  “We’ve found that many traditional MSPs struggle to offer strong data analytics components.  HCM offers a design that simplifies the entire process because it’s transparent and produces understandable information,” said Curt Paquette, Pipeline’s president.  “Another benefit is that the solution can be a stand-alone resource for clients or a complement to other sources they’re already using.  We know this stands apart from other offerings in the marketplace.”

Led by industry veteran Jason Fox, HCM uses ARCH AI, their proprietary technology platform and other associated tools, to analyze the entire labor market, gleaning accurate data that becomes actionable. “We built ARCH AI to efficiently process data sets that are too large for humans to analyze, resulting in actionable market rate intelligence,” Jason said.  “More specifically, with the natural language processing component, we’re able to capture the context of job descriptions to gain insights beyond the scale of human intelligence. The system is compatible with all other VMS technologies in the industry, so we can seamlessly work with the applications our clients are already using.”

Clients are never left alone to manage their data with Pipeline and HCM. Clients are fully supported — HCM brings people into the process to create value and long-term success.  To optimize client data, HCM will ensure client data is loaded and monitored, which ensures the results clients are looking for.  “Support provided by our business analysts is the long-term benefit of every client relationship.  We create a bridge between data and action,” Jason said.

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About Pipeline Talent Solutions

Pipeline Talent Solutions is a consultative talent acquisition and management ecosystem composed of industry veterans.  As a division of the nationally recognized staffing franchise AtWork Group, our service-focused and performance-driven philosophy is the foundation of all client relationships.  Pipeline’s expert team, with decades of experience in talent supply and MSP processes, addresses workforce acquisition and management problems with distinct solutions not typically offered.  We understand a single solution no longer adequately serves today’s perplexing talent market, so our team is structured to provide clients with the expertise they need and deserve.  For more information, visit

About HCM Strategies

HCM Strategies is a full-service workforce analytics firm. Our passion for analytics comes from our deep roots in data, analytics, finance and corporate strategy.   HCM Strategies believes in strategic partnerships, fostering analytics maturity, and view workforce analytics as a continual process that adjusts to market conditions and your business needs.  For more information, visit

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